Cross-compiling for iOS - Part 1: Build a SwiftUI App from Linux

May 9, 2021

Cross-compiling is not something new, it’s just not popular in the Apple platforms world because of the lack of the official toolchains (for obvious reason). But that can’t prevent people from trying. There are open source toolchains out there. Jailbreak tweaks developers do it. Rumor has it that big corps do it. To build an iOS app, we need a compiler (Clang and/or Swift), cctools (libtool, ld64, …) and an SDK. ...

How To Fix 'LLDB: Couldn't IRGen Expression' Without Source Code

January 5, 2021

error: virtual filesystem overlay file '/Users/user/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/SDK-abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzab/Build/Intermediates.noindex/' not found error: couldn't IRGen expression. Please check the above error messages for possible root causes. If you’ve followed Peter Steinberger’s journey on fixing “LLDB: Couldn’t IRGen Expression” and related issues, you’ve probably already read his blog post that explains why this happens. Matt Robinson also wrote a very detailed article about how to deal with the same issue if you’re building your frameworks using Carthage. ...

Swift Serialize Debugging Options

June 28, 2020

Overview # This is an undocumented Swift frontend flag. Neither invoking swift -help nor swift -help-hidden show this flag (as of Xcode 12.0 beta). Update: This is documented in $ swift -frontend -help -no-serialize-debugging-options Never serialize options for debugging (default: only for apps) -serialize-debugging-options Always serialize options for debugging (default: only for apps) The equivalent build setting in Xcode is SWIFT_SERIALIZE_DEBUGGING_OPTIONS. Below is the information found in the Swift.xcspec file bundled within Xcode. ...